Sea Eagle Sport Runabout Transom Boat
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Outboard engine brackets, outboard motor mounts, jack plates, hydraulic lifts, tilt and trim units and more for outboard engines. offers outboard engine and motor mounts and brackets. Our outboard engine brackets, motor mounts, power  tilt trim, jack plates, setback plates, auxiliary motor mounts and related boat engine products can improve the performance of virtually any type of outboard motor and boat. These outboard motor mounts, brackets and lifts work to allow the boat-motor-prop combination to work at it's maximum efficiency. The products give you the ability to adjust your motor down, for better out of the hole shots or up for better top end speed, better fuel efficiency, and more prop clearance in shallow water. The motor mounts allow you to easily and conveniently carry small auxiliary or kicker motors for trolling and other needs. Our other engine mount and bracket products solve many other problems and meet many needs you may have on your boat. Contact us with questions.

Hydraulic Power Lifts   Power Tilt & Trim Units   Manual Power Lifts   Setback Plates

Improve the performance of
virtually any type of outboard engine with an automated hydraulic power lift system.

Boat outboard engine hydraulic power lifts
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Save your back muscles with
power tilt and trim units to adjust the trim and tilt of your outboard engine to maximize efficiency.

Boat outboaed engine power tilt trim unit.

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Improve the performance of
virtually any type of outboard motor with a manual lift system
to maximize operating efficiency.

Outboard engine manual power lifts for boat motors.

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Allow the outboard boat motor to be mounted farther back off the transom to maximize operating performance and efficiency.

Outboard boat motor and engine setback plates.

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Vertical Extensions   Pivoting Motor Mount   Manual Power Lifts   Suppliers - Sell Here

Allow the motor to be
mounted 5 inches higher to accommodate different lengths
of outboard motor legs.

Outboard boat motor vertical extensions.

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Pivoting dinghy motor mount bracket for use on inflatable boats and hard-shell dinghies with tilt-up davit systems in place.

Outboard pivoting motor mount for auxilary outboard engines.
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Motor mount for small outboards mounted on the swim step.

Outboard motor mount for boats.
Outboard motor mount for boats.
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  Sea Eagle Sport Runabout Transom Boat

Superior Design And Construction
Superior quality has made the these products some of the top selling in the world! We have been offering top quality transom jacks longer than most of our competitors have been in business. Computer aided design and precision machining of the Power-Lift is done totally at our manufacturer's facility so you can be sure to get the best quality transom jack at a very competitive price. The Power-Lift utilizes a totally waterproof 12 volt DC marine hydraulic system that is rated OVER 7800 Pounds of thrust. More lifting capacity than any other transom jack on the market. It is 40% more powerful and much more dependable than electro-mechanical transom jacks on the market. The motor bracket moves up and down on a transom bracket by use of rollers Machined from aluminum-bronze alloy. These rollers are highly impact resistant, Corrosive resistant, and have a high load carrying capacity. Thrust is eliminated by the stainless steel pin through this roller with a self lubricating non-metallic material (G.S.M. Nylatron) used for thrust guides on either side of the rollers. This feature eliminates any vibration or "shimmy" due to load applied from high powered outboards. This patented design virtually eliminates any chance of binding, which is common with other transom jacks.

Features Of Patented Hydraulic Power-Lift®   (U.S. Patent 4,482,330)
Made of 1/2 inch 6061 T6 alloy aluminum extrusions and fastened with stainless steel fasteners. Ideal for fresh or salt water use. No welds or castings to break.

The dependable self contained and water proof hydraulic actuator has a lifting capacity of 7853 pounds of thrust. More than any other transom jack. You will have no problem lifting even a V-8 motor at full throttle. The hydraulic actuator is mounted inside the structure of the Power-Lift, yet it is fully accessible without removing the engine. There are no hoses to contain, nor will you have to contend with mounting a pump and reservoir inside your boat, as is the need with other transom jacks. The hydraulic actuator is completely self-contained with its own fluid reservoir (eliminates the need for hydraulic tank and hoses inside the boat). It contains a permanent magnet motor for more power and R.P.M. The cylinder within the actuator has twice the lifting capacity than other transom jacks on the market. It contains a no-leak seal and wiper seal that keeps dirt and water out of the working parts. The system is made of 100% non-ferrous material which makes it impervious to saltwater and freshwater.

The patented roller design means less friction, longer wear, less maintenance, and virtually no binding problems which are common with other transom jacks. The roller assembly contains a stainless steel 3/4" pin with aluminum-bronze alloy rollers. The roller is highly impact resistant, corrosive resistant, and has a high load carrying capacity. This patented design virtually eliminates any chance of binding which is common with other transom jacks.

Our most popular model, the PL-65 is rated for V-6 motors and smaller and gives you 5" of vertical travel with 1-1/2" of adjustment on the motor bracket and 1-1/2" of adjustment on the transom bracket. A TOTAL OF 8" OF POSSIBLE ADJUSTMENT! It also can be purchased with stainless steel motor rails, Model PL-65SS (for V-8 motors).

Get the performance you deserve from your older rig and don't even consider a new rig without a Power-Lift as an absolute part of your option package. Join the thousands of satisfied.

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  Sea Eagle Sport Runabout Transom Boat

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Satisfied Customer Testimonials
If you've been wondering why so many people use our outboard engine brackets, mounts, lifts, jack plates and other products,  the answer is simple. Nothing compares when it comes to performance, durability and strength. There are more of our Power-Lifts on the B.A.S.S. tournament trail than any other transom jack. B.A.S.S. pros have found superior quality and dependability with the Power-Lift. Major boat manufacturers include them in their boat packages as standard equipment. Don't settle for second best, get the most for your money with a top quality Power-Lift. Read these testimonials below.

I love it!" Your hydraulic jack plate is terrific. I'm getting better performance and lift out of my boat than I ever experienced without it! Being able to run safely in shallower, vegetated water was essential to getting to the fish."  Penny B. -Arkansas

"...It's not just the product quality and performance but the people who continue to make the only jack plate for my boats."  Eric T. -Indiana

"Your company makes one heck of a strong jack plate. About two years ago I bought my first hydraulic jack plate used from a guy who can make mincemeat out of boats and motors. The jack plate, however, worked fine. I am impressed with the product that you build and will always own a jackplate."   Patrick K. -Michigan

"I have been aware of the quality and versatility of your products for quite some time. Naturally when I recently purchased a new tournament boat with an Evinrude 200, I specified that it be outfitted with a hydraulic Power-Lift. This unit has performed beyond my least expectations. Since my boat is 19' 6" long, I expected to have problems getting onto plane but have found that the Power-Lift gives excellent hole shot capability. Also, by running the unit to the top position I've found that I can run in as little as 18" of water with no problem."  Jack G. -Georgia

"It is a rare occurrence that causes me to write such a complimentary letter. Today, however, I experienced absolutely astounding service from your company and I feel compelled to thank you. ...I am totally dumbfounded and thrilled with your company's customer support/service. I wanted you to be aware of this and know that I will pass on my highest praise regarding jack plates and your company to anyone who will listen. In today's world of indifferent or completely lacking service it is a genuine pleasure to do business with such a quality-conscious organization. THANK YOU."  Gerald H. -Nevada

"The PT-130 works like a dream and the performance is great. Now I can go fishing by myself and load my boat without running the prop in shallow water."  Corky C. -Missouri

"While on Lake Erie I was checked by the U.S. Coast Guard. The two officers were immediately impressed by the PT-130's solid construction. Both officers commented that it was the best built after-market model they had ever seen. So you not only impressed me, a sheet metal fabricator, but also the U.S. Coast Guard."  Craig L. -Ohio

"At the lake I was somewhat hesitant at first to use the throttle too hard or too fast. After a while, I did everything possible to test the unit. I couldn't be more pleased and satisfied with it's performance. The PT-130 Power Tilt and Trim is truly a quality piece of marine engineering."  Russ S. -Indiana

"I wanted to say that I have enjoyed my PT-130 100%, and it kept me from turning my bass boat over on one occasion. I was caught in a strong head wind (75 Mph) ahead of a tornado. I trimmed the motor in because the wind was picking up the front of the boat. If it wasn't for the quick response of the PT-130, I would have lost my rig that day."  Jimmy C. -Kentucky

"I bought one of your tilt/trim units last spring and several of the guys thought I'd lost my mind when they saw the unit on the back of my 16 ft. Jon Boat. (That guys got more money than good sense)....The joke ended up on them. By mounting the unit as high as possible on the boat and using a little prior knowledge of the river- I went up into areas that were only accessible by jet drives - or someone who didn't mind tearing up a prop - to catch shad near the dam. I could easily run in water that I would normally have not even tried to operate in, with no damage to the motor, prop, or boat. This thing has worked wonders for me, and I want to Thank You!"   J P Madren -N. Carolina

"I just bought and received a PT-35 Power Trim & Tilt, I installed it with a help of a friend, and had no trouble at all, in fact I was amazed at how easy it was. I have a 30 hp Honda long shaft outboard and the tilt works great. I will tell all of my fishing buddies about it."  Thank You,  L. Smith

"I have tested the boat for several hours with the PT-35. I also ran the boat for three days prior to instillation of the unit allowing me to make a before and after comparison. The PT-35 has proven to be a very valuable addition to the Whipray. The boat runs much more efficiently and the unit allows the motor to be lifted for shallow water slow running. I am thrilled with the size, weight, and performance of the unit. I endorse the product and have already recommended it to many other Whipray owners and potential owners"  Steve P. -Florida

"I purchased my PT-130 on 3/17/99 and have used it approximately 15 times. So far it is awesome. I'm not near as tired and my back doesn't hurt after fishing. I just went four days in a row, and the next day I didn't even feel like I had been fishing. Satisfied so far,"  M. Abramson -Georgia

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